Frequently asked questions

I uploaded my credentials through my player portal but the website is showing "not approved", what do I do?

Start by checking to make sure that your credentials were uploaded correctly. If they were uploaded correctly, the site should say “pending”. If it still says "not approved" check your email junk box for an email explanation. If not email or call customer service because your credentials may not have qualified under the leagues requirements.

Do I have to re-submit my forms/credentials every year or season?

If the league does not change their requirements, then no. However, if the league changes their requirements then you will have to update your credentials.

Will there be a separate membership fee for every league that I enter?

Yes. However, you will have the ability to select and Annual Membership option that will allow unlimited leagues and tournaments within that 12 month period.

How do I know that my information/credentials will be safe?

All uploaded information is completely confidential and can only be viewed by the user, as well as, a PAC professional. The user information is password protected and encrypted to assure the highest level of security.

If the league and coaches cannot see my information/credentials how will they know that I have met the requirements?

The leagues and coaches will only be able to see if a player is approved or not approved. They will not see any personal information such as birth certificate, passport, drivers license, utility bill, financial records, etc.

Will my contact information get sent to advertisers?

No. Player Authenticates purpose is to protect the privacy of their customer’s personal information, not distribute it.

What if my child decides not to participate in sports next year? Is there a penalty to cancel?

No. There are no penalties for cancellation. If the player decides that they do not want to participate the following year, simply do not renew your Player Authenticate membership. We will keep the information in the system for up to one year before it will be deleted. This is done in case the player changes his/her mind.

Do I need to create a different account with different passwords if I have more than one child?

No. As a parent or guardian, you can have multiple children registered under one account using one User ID and one main Password. All children will have there own unique member ID that will be attached to each person’s specific set of credentials.

I don’t have a scanner for my computer, how can I get information to Player Authenticate for verification?

Scanning and emailing the documents is the fastest and easiest way to transfer documents. In the alternative, take a photo and upload of your forms and submite them via email.

I am not comfortable sending personal information over the internet. Are there other options?

Yes. You can mail or fax the items directly into customer service.

Will my credit card be charged for anything without my approval?

No. There are no hidden fees and you will be notified prior to membership expiration in regard to your membership renewal.

Do I have to worry about my child purchasing anything on the PAC site?

No. There is nothing for sale on the website.

Do I have to sign my child up for each league/tournament that they enter?

All players will be invited to join by the league or the coach.

As a coach, what are my responsibilities once my team has fully registered?

Not Much. Once you create your roster and invite your players the parent/player will upload the leagues required documents and they will be done. If the league requires coaching credentials, such as concussion training, the coach will be prompted to upload the certificate of proof. At any point, the coach can perform a quick view of the roster to confirm compliance.

How will I know what my child’s league or tournament require, as far as documentation is concerned?

When the player is invited, all of the leagues requirements will be listed in the player's profile.

Why do you need medical information?

Since all leagues/tournaments require a Medical Release form, Player Authenticate would like to be an additional source if an emergency arises. If a member gets hurt and is in need of medical attention, Player Authenticate can be reached immediately to access the member’s parental information, doctors phone, hospital preference, allergies, etc.