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  • Do I have to re-submit my forms/credentials every year or season?
    For AGE verification, no. For GRADE and RESIDENCY verification, yes. For grade and residency, you will need to update your documents for verification using documents dated within the previous 6 months.
  • Is there an annual membership so I don’t have to provide payment for each league?
    Yes. Player Authenticate will charge a fee per league/tournament. However, there is an annual fee option that will satisfy unlimited leagues, tournaments and teams for a full year from the date of registration.
  • How do I know that my information/credentials will be safe?
    All uploaded information is completely confidential and can only be viewed by the user, as well as, a PA professional. The user information is password protected and encrypted to assure the highest level of security. (
  • Will my contact information get sent to advertisers?
    No. Player Authenticates purpose is to protect the privacy of their customer’s personal information, not distribute it.
  • Do I need to create different accounts with different passwords if I have more than one child?
    No. As a parent or guardian, you can have multiple children registered under one account using one login. All children will have their own unique member ID that will be attached to each player’s specific set of credentials.
  • Can I have a Parent and Coach account under the same login?
    Yes. If you are a coach, who also has players in the same league/tournament, you can manage all accounts through one login. You can toggle back and forth from the upper right side drop down.
  • I have multiple players in the tournament and it will not allow me to add/register additional players when I hit the Invite Token?
    The Invite Tokens are unique to each and every player. Once used, it will not be valid again. You will need to look back in your email for the additional invite and you can use that token. Also, you can email Player Authenticate and request a new one to be issued.
  • I am trying to register and create an account, however, it won’t let me?
    For security and privacy, you must be invited to join and register with Player Authenticate. Please ask your coach to be added to the roster which will trigger the invite. Select “Get Started” and request an invite. Be sure to include the tournament name, club you are with and age/grade level.
  • My document was rejected, why?
    There are a few reasons documents are rejected, such as, wrong document was uploaded or document was uploaded under the wrong category, mandatory information to be verified is missing from document, document information doesn’t match the players profile, the file is formatted outside of the acceptable documents (ie. HEIC – not accepted), etc. PDF and JPEG are the best files to upload.
  • What documents can be used for verifications?
    AGE Verification – use Birth Certificate or Passport GRADE Verification – use school report card, student ID, school enrollment form, screen shot of players student portal, etc. ALL GRADE documents must include name of player, name of school, grade level and dated within the previous 6 months. RESIDENCY – Drivers License, utility bill, homeowners record, employment record, medical record, etc. ALL RESIDENCE documents must include the players address and be dated within the previous 6 months. Expired documents will not be accepted.
  • As a parent, how do I check the status of my players documents?
    Select Player from menu, followed by documents. Select My Documents from menu, followed by Player tab.
  • What are the meanings of the different status levels when viewing the players profile?
    ELIGIBLE – Fully Approved ELIGIBLE NOT VERIFIED – Based on the profile, the player meets tournament criteria, however, the information has not yet been verified. NOT ELIGIBLE – The player is Not Approved NOT ELIGIBLE NOT VERIFIED – Based on the profile, the player does not meet tournament criteria. In addition, the information has not yet been confirmed through verification. PENDING - Incomplete
  • How do I upload a document?
    Select My Documents from left menu. Click the Player tab and upload.
  • I can’t change my players personal information, such as, date of birth, grade level or graduation date?
    Once you upload document and they get verified, the information on the account will be automatically changed to match the approved credentials.
  • How do I pay for the service?
    We accept all types of credit cards. If an invite is still pending and has not been paid for, login to your dashboard, and select My Invites from the menu and accept.
  • Will my credit card be charged for anything without my consent?
    No. There are no hidden fees and you will be notified prior to membership expiration in regard to your membership renewal.
  • As a coach, what are my responsibilities once my team has fully registered?
    You can monitor your rosters and be sure the players status shows as ELIGIBLE. If showing as NOT ELIGIBLE, you may want to contact the players and have them go to PA and get the appropriate credentials uploaded.
  • As a coach, how do I invite players?
    Login to your coaches account, select Team, Invite Players. There two ways to invite players to the roster: 1. Create roster as a CSV file and Drag and Drop. 2. Cut and paste players emails to invite (separate by commas).
  • As a coach, how do I check my players status?
    Login, select teams, view status.
  • As a coach, do I call the league or PA with roster questions?
    Any specific roster questions should be geared toward the league. However, if you are having trouble on the PA website while creating your personal roster, please contact customer service ( at PA for assistance.
  • How will I know what documentation my child’s league or tournament requires?
    Once you login, you will go to My Documents in the menu and it will show the league/tournaments specific needs.
  • Why do you need medical information?
    Since all leagues/tournaments require a Medical Release form, Player Authenticate would like to be an additional source if an emergency arises housing some emergency information that was volunteered by the user.
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